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Technical Recruiter



IT, People & HR
San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Monday, June 24, 2024

About Klarity

Klarity (YC S18) automates Unstructured-Document workflows using GenAI. Our vision is a future of Exponential Organizations - companies that can hyper-scale without vast operational teams of humans reading documents..

Our customers include companies like Google, DoorDash, CrowdStrike, Cloudflare and Zoom. They use Klarity to (1) save time and cost, (2) reduce compliance risk, and (3) speed up manual contract review. But talk is cheap, so try our demo!

We found strong Product Market Fit in 2020 and raised an $18m Series A in Dec 2021. We have since more than 6x’d revenue. We are looking to add a brilliant, entrepreneurial Technical Recruiter as the founding member of our Talent Team.

Our Gen AI journey:

Founded in 2017, we shipped multiple NLP/ML product iterations pre-chatGPT. In 2023 we rebuilt our core AI platform using GenAI.

We’re not your average Gen AI startup, gradually layering LLMs on. We’re all in. We have more than 15 unique LLM use-cases in production with 10+ LLMs under the hood. We have shipped multiple first-of-its-kind customer experiences including video workflow analysis, natural language analytics, complex table parsing, table-matching, We have processed 600,000+ documents through our GenAI platform.

The best way we can communicate the nature of this role is in terms of the type of Engineers we are trying to hire. Here is a snippet from our Eng Job Descriptions:

Experience: 3-10 years

Location: San-Francisco/Bay-Area (relocation bonus available)

Job Type: Full-time

You will enjoy this role if:

  1. You are obsessed with AI and frequently spend your free-time thinking about how AI will change the world.

  2. You’re seeking a culture of warp speed iteration and constant change. We shipped this demo < 12 hours after the GPT-4 launch :)

  3. You’re not looking for work-life balance but prefer an environment of like minded, ultra-committed people.

  4. You enjoy close collaboration, care about people and want to build strong bonds of friendship with your teammates.

  5. You thrive in finding creative solutions to ambiguous problem statements, rather than wanting to “stay in your lane”.

We care deeply about the hiring process - not just the outcome. We use an ATS, have an internal referral program, work with investor talent functions, use scorecards for panel interviews, frequently call references. We believe in process over luck and the entire leadership team is committed to spending a large fraction of time hiring.

In this role, you will:

  • Help us scale our engineering, product and design teams in the SF/Bay Area.

  • Build the hiring process from the ground up - sourcing, interviewing, scorecards and more!

  • Help to further define, clarify and build culture on the Engineering team.

Preferred qualifications:

  • 3+ years in technical recruiting.

  • Experience hiring stellar Eng/AI talent in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Experience “building the playbook” at a hyper growth startup(s), not just running or improving a pre-defined playbook.

  • Experience targeting the top 1% of technical talent; people who are highly growth oriented, will not apply to jobs (must be poached), require a compelling interview experience etc